Common Dryer Problems

Laundry days are stressful. They can be even more stressful when the appliances don’t work properly. Even if you choose the best brand of dryers in the market, there is still a chance that you can face some common dryer problems on your laundry day. But knowing these problems can sometimes help you try your hands on some DIY troubleshooting. Sometimes, all you need to do is tighten the loose wiring. However, since dryers are complex appliances and may cause hazardous gas leaks or electric shocks, it is advised to call a technician who fixes your dryer safely and efficiently. Now let’s move on what some common dryer issues are and how to fix a dryer.

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Dryer Won’t Turn On

Check the main power supply and ensure that there is no trip. If the problem persists, check the terminal block and use a multi-meter to ensure that there is enough voltage. If there is no voltage, replace the terminal block. You must also check if there is an issue with one of the thermostat in your dryer

Noisy Dryer

Old dryers are usually noisy. If it gets too noisy, the dryer won’t work. You can fix a noisy dryer by replacing the belt, blower wheel, glides or drum support roller.


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Wrinkled Clothes

Sometimes wrinkly clothes are not a cause of dryer issues at all. You must let the dryer complete full cycle, use a softener and ensure the load is not too heavy or too light.

No Heat

There are many reasons why your dryer won’t heat. Usually, it may be because of no gas flow, circuit breaker trip or a clogged vent. However, if all these elements are fine, you must check the thermal fuse and the heating element. If any of these two are broken, call a technician to repair it. Replacing these elements can be tricky and depend on what type and model of dryer you have. A technician knows all the nuances and will be able to do this task efficiently.

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Does Not Tumble

If your dryer does not tumble, it means that it is not drying your clothes properly. This may be because of the issues with the dryer belt or the drum support roller. It is more common if your dryer is old. This may also happen if your dryer motor has seized. While you can repair the drum support roller, the dryer belt and the motor usually need to be replaced for your dryer to start tumbling.

Takes Too Long for Clothes to Dry

If your dryer is taking too long to dry, you can perform dryer troubleshooting by removing excessive lint in the filter. If there is a thick amount of lint in the filter, the air won’t flow properly and your clothes will take too long to dry.

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Too Hot

Overheating is caused by issues in your exhaust vent. You must unplug the dryer, detach the exhaust vent and clean out the debris thoroughly. Do this from time to time.

Drum Not Turning

This problem is caused usually because of the drive belt. You can try by dismantling the drum and manually spinning the drive belt to give it a kickstart. If this doesnt work, replace the drive belt.

If you are attempting dryer troubleshooting yourself, you might have to dismantle some parts of your dryer. Ensure that you note what part goes where so assembling is easy. To stay stafe, make sure that the main electrical supply is turned off.