Fridge Repair

Refrigerator in the kitchen is taken for granted – until it breaks down. That is the moment when you drop everything and start looking for a quick and quality fridge repair service.

Our skilled and licensed fridge repair technicians take pride in quick and quality fridge repair services. When a malfunction takes a chill out of your fridge, you need to cool down and call Appliance Wizards! If you’re searching for “fridge repair near me” and looking for a local company to fix your fridge, Appliance Wizards has always taken fridge repair seriously.

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Refrigerator Repair Types

Appliance Wizards refrigerator technicians will fix your broken fridge no matter what type of refrigerator you own.

We will take care of damaged parts, maintenance, and everything in between. We are servicing the following types of fridges:

  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Mini-compact refrigerators
  • Freezerless refrigerators
  • Counter depth or built-in refrigerators
  • Ice makers/ Freezers

Fridge Problems

When your fridge breaks down, you look for a quick answer to a question on how to fix a fridge? Well, the first step would be understanding where does the problem comes from, and this is where this small troubleshooting refrigerator list comes in handy.

Fridge Making Noise / Noisy FridgeRefrigerator / Fridge Is LeakingFridge / Freezer Does Not CoolWater Inside Fridge

The volume of an operating refrigerator is a number one choosing factor for many homeowners, especially for those who live in small condos or apartments. Living on small square footage with a loud fridge can get on your nerves really quickly. Type of the noise your fridge makes can indicate a source of the problem. For instance, if a fridge is making a buzzing noise you should look into a condenser fan motor or evaporator motor. A knocking fridge noise is a sign of a faulty compressor or a clogged condenser fan. In case your fridge is clicking it may be due to a bad start relay. In order to identify a problem, a professional repair technician should perform a proper fridge troubleshooting followed by a repair quote and list of parts required for repair service.

If you have found a puddle under your fridge it is time to check the water supply lines that serve ice makers or water dispensers or clean the drain tube. The other reason might be as simple as a bad fridge alignment that causes water spilling from the pan under the fridge.

A fridge does not cool? Firstly, check the power supply. If a fridge is plugged and running but still does not cool, the issue might be dirty coils or condenser fan, which means you require a professional fridge maintenance.

Water inside the fridge can be a fairly common issue for freezer-on-top refrigerators. This type of blockage appears due to ice or food debris stuck in the drain hence a leak. It can be solved by cleaning a defrost drain.

Fridge Repair Cost

fridge parts repair - lg fridge repair

Fridge’s age, make, efficiency and cost of repair will determine if you should repair or replace a fridge. A refrigerator is a long-term appliance that can last up to 14 years, however, some of the parts can break down before the end of the expected lifespan appliance. Here are the parts of the fridge that fail to function more often than the others.

  • Compressor. Depending on the make and size of the fridge a compressor cost can range from $50 and $300, not including labour.
  • Ice Maker. Ice maker repairing cost can be around $330.
  • Motor. The price of a new motor can range from $100 and $200.

The prices for the fridge repair service will depend on how many hours certain repair requires.

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If Your Fridge Is Not Working

If you fridge stopped working give Appliance Wizards a call. We stock genuine parts for major brands and carry all professional equipment to ensure we provide you with the highest level of service. We guarantee satisfaction with every repair we do. Give us a call today!

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