Monogram Appliance Installation

Monogram established three key foundations to help the look and feel of the products: Materials, Performance, and Ownership. Both of these exemplifies our dedication to high quality, creativity, and long-term partnerships with designers and customers. Monogram has built a premium brand experience that you can see and make your daily life easier through these foundations of the appliances. Appliance Wizards has extensive experience in handling and installing luxury brands like Monogram into your home. Trust us with your installation and give us a call today!

Monogram Fridges Installation Toronto

Monogram Fridges Installation

Monogram refrigerators are carefully crafted to the last specification. The luxury refrigerators have revolutionary features that go beyond excellent food freshness, such as precision moulded door frames and showcase LED lighting. To complete your luxurious kitchen build, we can custom panel them to fit your furnishings and perforn quick installation process.

Monogram Rangetops Installation Toronto

Monogram Rangetops Installation

You have full control over your cooking experience with Monogram rangetops. The smooth polished edges of the commercial-grade stainless steel specialized rangetops allow for a flawless installation. With clear, competent cooking performances, all of the rangetops help you reach gourmet dining achievements.

Monogram Dishwashers Installation Toronto

Monogram Dishwashers Installation

Monogram dishwashers are an important part of your luxurious kitchen suite, lounge, or pantry, due to features like the sophisticated wash system and customizable triple rack. Dishwashers with a professional quality stainless steel finish or personalized panel-ready dishwashers come in two sizes to fit your needs.

Monogram Ranges Installation Toronto

Monogram Ranges Installation

Monogram ranges are expertly designed to work above standards, from regulated simmers to the perfect roast. The big windows and substantial brass accented knobs integrate the features that make the ranges look, sound, and function as though they were perfectly made for you. Make sure that your Monogram range is properly installed by a professional.

Monogram Wall Ovens Installation Toronto

Monogram Wall Ovens Installation

Monogram wall ovens are designed to fulfill all of your baking and roasting needs. With the authentic European air convection ovens, you will bake your meals to perfection. The vivid touch controls make running your wall oven a breeze. Smooth-gliding, with a self-cleaning feature and racks that stretch. Wall oven installation process requires an experience, so if you recently purchased Monogram wall oven, we will be happy to install it for you.

Monogram Range Hoods Installation Toronto

Monogram Range Hoods Installation

With Monogram range hoods and ventilation, you can incorporate kitchen ventilation into your design without losing style. The rangehood easily and silently extract smoke and filter air. The customized rangehood inserts can also be cladded to match your kitchen’s decor.

Monogram Cooktops Installation Toronto

Monogram Cooktops Installation

Details that are both visually appealing and practical. The crystal knobs on the gas cooktop are made of the same form of crystal as luxury watches, and are as hard with a long life as diamonds. The electric and induction cooktops have slide touch controls that allow you to adjust the temperature of your burners with a single finger swipe. Appliance Wizards are Monogram Cooktops installation experts, give us a call to book your appointment.

Monogram Microwaves Installation Toronto

Monogram Microwaves Installation

Monogram microwaves come in a range of configurations and provide precise cooking strength. The microwaves can be built-in , microwaves with pull-out drawers, and microwaves that can be placed on your counter all have a polished stainless steel finish to match your kitchen design and make cooking easier.

Appliance Wizards’ specialists have years of experience installing Monogram appliances easily, safely, and to a high standard. Call us today!