Maytag Washer Error Codes

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As one of the oldest and the most common appliance companies in North America, Maytag has become a trusted name in many households. The company has also made devices given the hi-tech needs of modern families. However, it is common for every device to demand attention. Maytag error codes are displayed when there are certain issues with the internal workings of your washer. While some can be fixed with a quick restart, some need professional diagnosis. If you want to learn some self-help, here all the error codes with recommended Maytag washer troubleshooting.

Maytag Washing Machine Error Codes

Error Code Problem Solution
rL Loaded drum
If your washer is on a cleaning cycle and the drum is loaded, this error will be displayed.
  1. Turn off the main power supply.
  2. Remove the clothes from the drum.
  3. Reconnect to power and start a new cycle by selecting ‘Cleaning’ and then press the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Call the technician if the error is displayed after multiple attempts.
F01 Disconnect between Central Control Unit and EEPROM
If this error is displayed, there is a communication error between the Central Control Unit and the EEPROM. You will notice that your washer will display this error and will stop mid cycle. This can also be due to power surge. .
  1. Unplug the washer to disconnect it from the main power supply. Keep it off for 3-4 minutes.
  2. Restart the machine to get rid of this Maytag error code.
  3. If the problem persists, your CCU may be broken which requires you to call the technician for immediate replacement.
F11 Motor Control Unit Dysfunctional
This error code is displayed when the washer senses issues with your Motor Control Unit and the voltage regulator. In this setting, the washer will stop in between high-spin cycles and the door will automatically unlock within 3 minutes.
  1. To clear this error code, double clicking on the Pause button.
  2. If you see the error code appear again, you must call a technician. This may require you to replace the whole Motor Control Unit.
F20 Water Inlet Damaged
If the pressure switch does not trip after 6 minutes, your washer will show this error. In this case, your machine will stop working just when the cycle starts, the door will be locked and the drum will not fill up with water.
  1. This problem is usually because of the water supply. Check the main unit to check water supply and ensure that al taps are fully turned on.
  2. The taps are on and there is water in the unit, check for ant damage in the water line or the pipes.
  3. Check for damage in the filter screen.
  4. If all these settings are in place, clear the erra by pressing pause or cancel button twice. .
  5. If your washer still shows this error, you must replace the water hoses, drain pump, pressure switch or the Central Control Unit in some cases. Make sure that the replacement is done by an experienced technician.

Long drain issue
If your washer experiences draining issues, this error will be displayed. This error causes your washer to stop in mid-cycle and lock the door. The drum may still have water and it will take more than 8 minutes for the water to drain. You may also notice that the water valves turn off.

  1. Cut the power supply from the main switch and keep it off for 2-3 minutes. Turn it on and check if the error is gone.
  2. If not, turn the main supply off and check that if the pump is working properly. You should also check the drain hose for any kinks or damages. .
  3. If the drain pump and drain hose are functioning normally, check if the electrical concessions are intact.
  4. This could also happen if the drain pump is clogged. Clean the drain pump and ensure there is no residue in it.
  5. Restart the washer to a new cycle.
  6. If the washer displays the error code again, call a technician for part replacement or repair.
F22 Door lock error
This error code suggests that there have been 6 failed trials to lock the door. In most cases, it means that the door lock mechanism is damaged.
  1. Unplug the washer and keep it unplugged for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Check if there are any damages or cracks on the door lock.
  3. Check if there are any missing screws and tighten loose screws on the mechanism.
  4. Once this is done, restart the washer and press the cancel key twice. Check if the door is locking now.
  5. If the error persists, the whole lick mechanism may need replacement or there may be a need for repair of the Central Control Unit. Call a technician for Maytag washer troubleshooting.

Heating element failure
If this error is displayed, you notice that your washer is taking too long to heat the water or the water may not heat up at all. This is a common Maytag washer error, especially with older models.

  1. Leave your washer unplugged for 1-2 minutes.
  2. The heating element is connected to the gas pipe hence only a technician should do the diagnosis. The heating element may need replacement.
  3. Call a technician and do not turn on the washer meanwhile.
F24 Water temperature sensor error
If this error is displayed, the water temperature sensor may be damaged causing the water to not heat up.
  1. Unplug the washer from the main switch. Keep it turned off for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Reset the washer by pressing the pause or cancel button twice.
  3. If the error is still on the monitor, call a technician. You may have to replace the water temperature sensor or the CCU.
F25 Drive Motor Tachometer damaged
If this error is shown on the monitor, the washer will shut down during the high-spin cycle. Your washer will not be able to recognize the spinning speed as the tachometer which sends analogue voltage signals is damaged
  1. Unplug the wash and drag it away from the wall to have access to its motor. If your machine is old, let it cool down before you touch the motor.
  2. There may be some external packaging material stuck to the motor that needs to be removed.
  3. Check and tighten ant loose bolts, screws, tapes or cables.
  4. Restart the washer and ensure that the display is clear of this error code.
  5. If the error code persists, call a technician to replace the Drive Motor tachometer.
F26 Damaged door switch
If the door is not closed properly or is not opened for 3 consecutive cycles, this error will be displayed.
  1. Ensure that the door is closed properly. Push the door until you hear a click.
  2. Reset the washer by pressing the Pause button and restart a new cycle.
  3. If the code is displayed again, request for a door switch replacement by a technician.
F27 Overflowing Issue
The overflow contact is damaged if this error is displayed by your washer. Your washer will not unlock and the drain pipe will be working actively to drain out excess water.
  1. Disconnect the washer from power and turn off the cold and water supply.
  2. Make sure that there is no residue or dirt in the drain hose and that the drain hose is not damaged.
  3. You should also ensure that the pump filter is free of any residue.
  4. If the error message persists, call a technician to replace the damaged part and clear this Maytag error code.
F28 Serial communication error
If your washer is unresponsive, this error will be displayed. You will see that This suggests that there is a problem with serial communication between MCU and the CCU.
  1. Unplug the washer and keep it disconnected for 1 minute.
  2. Restart a new cycle. Plug in the washer and restart with any cycle.
  3. If the error code is displayed despite this, call a technician as your machine requires replacement of the MCU and CCU.
F29 Unlocking error
If the error occurs, it means that the door mechanism may be broken.
  1. Make sure that the washer is unplugged and check for any dirt or residue stuck to their door switch.
  2. After the washer is unplugged for 2-3 minutes, restart the washer.
  3. If the error still remains, call the technician to repair the door switch mechanism.
F30 Dispenser System Error
This error is displayed when the dispenser system is damaged or not placed properly.
  1. Unplug the washer for 1 minute and plug it back in.
  2. Restart the washer to a new cycle.
  3. If the same error is displayed again, seek professional help by calling a technician as you may have to replace the dispenser motor.
F31 Motor Control Unit Failure
You will notice that the washer displays this error and then shuts down automatically. You may also find your washer heating up.
  1. If you have any heating element in the surroundings, make sure your washer is not in close contact with this element. This could be a furnace or a water heater.
  2. Disconnect the washer from power and allow it to cool down.
  3. Once the washer cools off, restart it for a new cycle.
  4. If the error code appears again and the washer starts heating up, turn it off and call the technician.


Pump Drive System error

If your washer displays this error, you must shut it down and call the technician as you need a replacement of the pump immediately.

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