Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

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Samsung dishwashers have been a part of many kitchens throughout the globe. They are also recommended by appliance enthusiasts and technicians. Samsung dishwashers are durable and efficient. However, they also show errors sometimes. These errors highlight that there are some faults/damages within the machinery of the dishwasher. Decoding these error codes will help you find the right problem to solve. While most of the newer dishwashers come with a digital display, the older dishwashers do not have a digital display. This when the flashing light on the control panel should be used as a cue. When you see these error codes, it is recommended that you take professional help in repairing your dishwasher. Here are the common error codes with Samsung dishwashers:

Common Dishwasher Error Codes for Samsung

# Error Code Problem Solution
1 1E, IE Water clogging:
This error shows that the water is not flowing through the filter.
  1. Ensure that the main water supply is on.
  2. Ensure that the fine filter on the bottom of your dishwasher is clean.
  3. Check wire connections in the water inlet valves and tighten the loose connections.
2 4E1 Excessive water temperature:
If the water entering the valve is more than 176 degrees, this error code is displayed.
  1. Check the water coming out of the kitchen faucet and ensure that it is above 120 degrees but below 176 degrees.
  2. If the water is within this range but it still shows 176 degrees, this means that the thermistor is defective. In this case, you must replace the thermistor.
3 TE1 Temperature sensor error:
The error underlines an issue with the thermistor, The Main Power Board (PBA) and the wire harness.
  1. Unplug the dishwasher and reconnect the appliance.
  2. Check for any loose connections in the wire harness.
  3. Check the thermistor for errors.
  4. Replace the damaged part.
  5. Check the PBA for damage. If the error code persists, replace the PBA.
4 5E Problem with drainage:
If there is clogging in the drum or the water is draining slow, this error will be shown.
  1. Ensure that there are no clogs in the sink drain.
  2. Clear the clogs from the drain pump or drain hose. Ensure that the dishwasher is unplugged.
  3. In case the drain pipe or the drain hose is damaged, replace the part.
5 oE Excessive water:
This error is shown when your dishwasher detects an overflow of water.
  1. Shut off the appliance from the house circuit breaker.
  2. In case the water stops filling when you disconnect the appliance, it suggests that the issue is with PBA. Replace the PBA in this case.
  3. Check the water inlet for damages and replace if needed.
6 LE Water leak:
When your dishwasher detects a leak outside the drum, this error is displayed.
  1. Check under the dishwasher for water leaks.
  2. Inspect the drain pipe, drain hose and the drum. If any of the components are damaged, replace them immediately
7 HE Faulty heating element:
This error suggests that there is a problem with the heating element of your dishwasher.
  1. Unplug the dishwasher and check the wiring of the heating element.
  2. If the heating element is damaged, replace the part immediately.
  3. If the heating element is functioning fine, check for damages in the PBA and replace the PBA immediately.
8 9E Water level low:
The error is displayed when your dishwasher detects low water level in the tub
  1. Adjust the dishes inside the drum to ensure that there is no dish that is collecting the water.
  2. Check the leveling feet of the dishwasher.
  3. Tighten the loose ends of the wire harness.
  4. In case the wire harness is damaged, replace it.
  5. If everything else is fine, check the water level sensor for damage and replace if needed.
9 BE2 Button stuck on the control panel:
If any of the buttons is physically jammed on the main panel of your dishwasher, this error will be displayed.
  1. Press all the buttons of the control panel and try to untap or pull them out.
  2. Open the control panel and push the buttons out from the back.
  3. Replace the control panel if needed.
10 PE Half-load component failure:
The error highlights a faulty diverter assembly which controls spray-arm water flow in the half-load mode.
  1. Tighten the loose connections in diverter motor and diverter positions switch.
    Check the wiring of the diverter assembly.
    If the wiring seems okay, check the diverter assembly for damage. This includes the motor, position switch and plate.
    Ensure that driver assembly, sump and motor assembly are not damaged. If any of these are damaged, replace them immediately.