Appliance Repairs You Don’t Need to Call a Pro For

While it may seem daunting to perform a do-it-yourself appliance repair at home, with the right parts and tutorials a DIY does not need to be a D-U-D. There are plenty of appliance repairs that you can fix yourself and do not need to call in the help of professionals for.

Performing a DIY repair on your appliance can save you time, money and help you to further your knowledge of the appliances that keep your home in working order. Wondering which appliances in your home you could repair by yourself? We have you covered. To best organize your appliance repair DIY this compiled list has been divided by room.


This is where the majority of home appliances are and the question of how to fix appliances at home comes to light. So before you reach for the phone to call for a professional take a look at what you could do at home for yourself.

appliance wizards technician working on replacing stove heat element  - stove repair toronto

Stovetop – Replacing the burners or the elements on your stovetop can save you the expenses of replacing your stovetop or calling in the help of a professional. Issues such as temperature control, and potential electrical fires.

stove installation service

Oven – Maintaining a clean oven is a great start to your DIY adventures. Additionally one of the biggest issues oven owners face is seal issues. Check the seal of your oven’s door to eliminate the escaping of heat and the breakdown of a door, or need for a replacement door.

fridge door open

Refrigerator – Keeping up with the changing of lightbulbs in your fridge is important, as well as maintaining properly functioning drawers and shelves. As with the oven, the seal on a fridge is an important thing to keep an eye on. Cleaning any excess frost buildup will prevent leaking and drain problems as well.

appliance wizards installed double door build in fridge -  samsung fridge repair

Freezer – Much like the refrigerator the seal and temperature must be maintained. Making sure that there is not a frost build up in your freezer is also important to prevent leaks and the deterioration of your freezer from moisture.

over the range hood installation by appliance wizards

Range Vent Hood: Did you know you have to clean the range hood vent in your kitchen? This is not common knowledge and can solve many maintenance problems for this appliance.

Dishwasher installation Toronto

Dishwasher – Sometimes a dishwasher fix is as simple as unclogging a draining pipe. You can also very simply and affordably replace your dishwasher’s: dish racks (often for maintenance and hygiene), the silverware basket and the detergent dispenser in a DIY effort.

Laundry room/Basement:

The keep-it-clean room may need a D-I-Y, it is sometimes located within a basement suite, or perhaps it is its own thing in your home but it contains two vital appliances that you do not need to call a professional to fix or maintain.

dryer installation by appliance wizards

Dryer – It has been said over, and over but you need to clean the lint trap in your dryer often. This prevents buildup, temperature issues and fires. And if you find that your dryer is shaking or rocking when it is on then your dryer is not on level. No need to contact a professional for this, you DIY replace the level legs or get some levelling pads.

appliance wizards team installing dryer and washer

Washer – Replacing the washing machine’s drain pipes is important, as well as making sure they do not get clogged with dirt. A washing machine should also be cleaned at least once a month using a simple cycle free of clothing.

photo of basement Furnace

Furnace – Always replace the furnace’s filter with the proper filter for that furnace model. Remembering to do so will save you a call to your local professional.

Keeping up with these simple maintenance tips, and acquiring the proper materials to perform your DIY appliance repairs could be the difference between replacing the appliance and spending thousands of dollars, too much time and stress on the project. Consider yourself a DIY Youtube superstar repair person in no time.

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