Samsung Appliance Repair

The Korean-born brand ‘Samsung’ is one of the top companies in technology and appliances; but did you know that the company started out as a grocery trading business? Today their success lays within the world of smart technology and appliances. However, even the best breaks down sometimes and Samsung appliance owners want their precious appliances in working order FAST.

Thankfully, Appliance Wizards is proud to provide Samsung Appliance Repair for a variety of the top-notch company’s appliances. The GTA area company is proud to offer repairs for:

No matter the appliance, our trusted team of technicians can repair:

fridge repair

Samsung Fridge Repair

Some of the most common issues with a fridge can be that the fridge is not:

  • Is not keeping food cool enough.
  • Is the cause of ice build-up.
  • Is making strange or irregular noises during use.
  • Faulty water dispenser.
  • Faulty lights.
  • Poor draining.

Appliance Wizard technicians will quickly and effectively repair your fridge and help prevent future issues.

whirlpool washer repair

Samsung Washer Repair

Each and every one of our team members is specially trained to handle any diagnosis pertaining to Samsung appliances. Providing excellent service to solve problems with your washer such as:

  • Drain problems.
  • Scent issues.
  • Strange or unusual sounds.
  • Leaks. (dishwasher leaks can additionally damage the surface underneath the appliance)
  • Stained clothing after use.
  • Error code appearing.

No matter the issues you and your appliance are facing, Appliance Wizards has the technicians to solve the problem for you.

appliance repair vaughan

Samsung Dryer Repair

The Appliance Wizards team is able to quickly diagnose and solve dryer repair issues and needs such as:

  • Dryer makes strange noises or vibrates.
  • Dryer runs but never heats up enough.
  • Dryer doesn’t run at all.
  • Dryer runs but doesn’t get clothes dry.
  • Dryer runs but then shuts off quickly.

Appliance Wizard technicians will quickly and effectively repair your appliance at an affordable rate.

dishwasher installation

Samsung Dishwasher Repair

The common issues with a dishwasher not being in working order can put a damper in your day.

  • Dishes Don’t Get Clean.
  • Dishwasher Doesn’t Start.
  • Dishwasher Doesn’t Fill Up
  • Error Code appears.
  • Water Doesn’t Drain
  • Water Leaks From the Dishwasher.
  • Door Doesn’t Latch closed.
  • Dishwasher Makes Noise.

There is not a dishwasher issue that our trusted team cannot solve in an efficient and professional manner.

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