GE Dishwasher Error Codes

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Dishwashers make keeping dishes clean simple and quick. General Electric (GE) Dishwashers among the highest rated appliances in the industry offering advanced features and an Energy Star efficiency rating. GE dishwashers also offer extreme ease of use with a simple error code guide so you can easily reset or adjust your dishwasher settings to keep it running properly and identify issues quickly.

GE Error Code Guide

Here are some of the most common GE Dishwasher error codes with simple hacks you can do to fix your dishwasher as well as suggestions for when it’s time to contact the team at Appliance Wizards.

Code Definition Solution
Number + H Delay Start mode.

Want to take advantage of off-peak hydro rates?

Use the delay start mode to schedule your dishwasher to run during certain hours to maximize energy savings and save money.

This is also a great tool to avoid running your dishwasher while other people are using water in your home such as the shower or washing machine.

Remember unlatching the door does not turn off the delayed start mode. It must be turned off manually.

C1 Pump out has exceeded 2 minutes Check and clean the air gap. Replace and reposition the hose if necessary then run the disposer to remove any water or debris.
C2 The dishwasher will not drain. Reset dishwasher to stop beep.
C3 Table Reset the dishwasher by disconnecting the power.
C4 Machine filled twice after a power failure. Float switch stuck or failed. Clogged drain or sump.

Reset the dishwasher by touching start and the cancel/reset button. Top the float cover to unstick the flat. Check the sump area for debris.

Contact Appliance Wizards if the problem persists.

C5 The pump out time is too short. Turn off the water supply. Reset cycle. Tap float cover to unstick flat.
C6 Water temperature is too low

The water temperature in your dishwasher should be a minimum of 120 degrees. Run the faucet to check the temperature of your water and ensure there is no cold water in the line. Check heater temperature.

Do not run any other appliances or shower during the cycle.

Run your dishwasher longer to generate more heat.

C7 Water sensor circuit not working.

Disconnect circuit breaker for approximately 30 seconds. Reset dishwasher.

Contact the Appliance Wizards if the problem continues.

C8 Detergent cup blocked or not opening. Remove obstruction of any debris or silverware and reset the machine.
PF code Possible power failure. Choose cycle and dishwashing options. Press start.
Cup Open Detergent cup is not closed

Ensure you have added detergent. Press start pad again.

If the dishwasher fails to start, contact Appliance Wizards.

Leak Detected Leak in machine or hose If a leak is detected immediately turn off machine and contact Appliance Wizards
999 Applies to “Floor Protect with Alert models. Possible leak. If this code appears, the dishwasher will not start. Contact Appliance Wizards right away.
H2O Low water

If H2O only appears during 1-Hour Wash, schedule service.

If H2O appears during other wash cycles (AutoSense, Heavy, Normal or Light), check inlet water hose to ensure there are no blockages or kinks.

If the problem persists contact Appliance Wizards.

Many error codes are a quick and easy reset. Like with other appliances, the risk of shock or injury is possible, so never try to take your dishwasher apart. Contact the friendly team at Appliance Wizards and let one of our licensed service repair people get your dishwasher working again quickly and professionally.