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We are a TSSA-registered gas contractor and fully insured. Our technicians can work on gas lines and gas appliances LEGALLY because they have extensive experience and a TSSA license.

Each project is ensured and guaranteed to meet the safety standards of Ontario by our knowledgeable gas appliance installers. All jobs are completed by qualified gas technicians who charge reasonable prices.

Choosing to install a gas stove and dryer is not only a great choice for the environment but for your wallet too. Gas appliance owners save up to 30% more on their utility bills than homeowners with electric appliances. The experts at Appliance Wizards can help you choose what kind of gas appliance is best for your lifestyle and then provide quick and professional Gas appliance installation services.

Who Do We Serve?

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Appliance Wizards have been Toronto’s and the GTA’s trusted gas appliance service team for many years. We are your local appliance experts. Available 24/7, there is always a service member available within 25 to 45 minutes to ensure your appliances are installed and working properly.

We Are Right Around The Corner

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But what is involved in installing gas appliances?

Gas appliances are easier to install than most homeowners expect. When you choose professional installation, you know you are getting the work done right and that all safety requirements are being met.

First, our team members will evaluate your present appliance set up to determine if any adjustments need to be made such as the installation of gas lines. Many homes already have gas lines set up, but they have been capped.

Once we determine what additions or changes need to be made, Appliance Wizards can quickly begin the installation process whether you require brand new lines or just want to change location.

We will then begin the process of either disconnecting your existing gas stove or beginning the installation of gas lines. Our TSSA Registered Gas Contractors will make sure there are no leaks and guarantee that all work has been done to standard.

The stove is then installed and tests are completed to ensure it is operating properly.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing a Gas Stove?

  • A gas stovetop means there is no waiting for a burner to warm up. When you turn on the gas, you have immediate heat.
  • Gas stoves tend to have a longer life than electric. There is no scratching on glass or ceramic to worry about and the metal grates are easy to keep clean.
  • Gas stoves save you money! Watch your bills drop with every meal as you enjoy up to 30% lower utility bills.
  • Most gas stoves will still allow you to cook on them even if the power goes out, meaning you can ensure your family has a hot meal in an emergency.
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Like gas stoves, installing a gas dryer may require the installation of gas lines. It’s important to choose a qualified professional when installing a gas dryer due to the risks involved. Gas dryers not only require proper gas fitting but also proper ventilation. Appliance Wizards will make sure everything is done to guarantee your approval and safety.

We will disconnect and remove your existing dryer then begin installing and adjusting any gas lines. Once completed we will conduct safety checks to ensure there are no leaks.

Then we will connect the vents from the exhaust to the dryer and if necessary, install any water connections for the steam function. Finally, we do a complete operations test to make sure everything is running properly.

What Are the Benefits of A Gas Dryer?

  • Gas can be cost-effective, saving upwards of 30% on your utility bill.
  • Gas dryers dry loads in about half the time of electric dryers and produce less static cling.
  • Gas dryers also keep clothes from wrinkling because heat is dissipated faster after the end of the cycle.

How Long Does Installation Take?

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With your busy lifestyle, we know how important it is to have working appliances, so we work quickly and efficiently. The installation process usually takes 1 to 3 days depending on if new pipes need to be added. If you are already set up for installation, you can be back to getting housework done in a few hours.

How Do I Know The Work Is Done Right?

Our team is TSSA certified. All our technicians meet and exceed all Technical Standards and Safety Authority qualifications. This includes regular training on new professional guidelines and standards. Every three years Appliance Wizards if fully TSSA audited to guarantee our commitment to providing the very best service and adherence to all regulations.

I’m Ready To Have A New Gas Stove or Dryer Installed

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Appliances Wizards are proud that you chose us to help you with your appliance installation.
You can reach us anytime for a free quote on our website by simply clicking Request Service. Or you can reach one of our service experts by calling 905-798-1151


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Whether your old appliance broke down or you are upgrading to a new one, give Appliance Wizards a call and experience a Great Service.

Why Hire Appliance Wizards?

Trust our technicians at Appliance Wizard to install your appliances without a hassle. Appliance installation doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re confident that we can get your equipment set up and running in record time. We do same-day appliance delivery and installation and make sure your appliances are working perfectly before we leave.

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