Appliance Repair Newmarket

When you are on the hunt for appliance installation or repair in Toronto, it can be difficult to find the right company for the job. Thankfully, the trusted team of appliance technicians at Appliance Wizards is your solution to finding a professional appliance installation company.

With years of experience in appliance repair and installation, we take pride in the service we provide and are ready to help Toronto homeowners to get their malfunctioning appliances up and running.

When you need appliance installation, appliance replacement or appliance repair services in Newmarket, you’re going to want to call Appliance Wizards. The trusted team of appliance technicians at Appliance Wizards is your go-to appliance installation company. With years of experience in the appliance repair and installation industry, you can rely on us the next time one of your appliances stops working.

Exceptional Appliance Repair in Newmarket

Appliance Repair in Newmarket

We offer the best appliance repair in Newmarket to homeowners just like you. The expert technicians of Appliances Wizards are prepared to handle any appliance repair situation. From your finicky fridge to your dryer that just won’t dry your clothing anymore, we can assist.

Specialized in All Appliance Brands

We offer repair services for a variety of makes and models of many brands including your Maytag appliance. The certified and trained team of technicians at Appliance Wizards also services appliances from the following brands:


No matter the brand or model we have you covered for your appliance repair needs. The Appliance Wizards team is trained and certified to perform the services needed on your appliances to have them back in working order.

Appliance Installation Newmarket

Appliance Installation Newmarket

Our trained technicians also provide appliance delivery and installation in Newmarket. Proper installation of the appliances in your home is a task best left to the professionals from Appliance Wizards. Professional and cost-efficient rates, we will get the job done.

With affordable appliance installation costs ($80 $65 per regular service calls and $100 after-hours service calls), we offer many installation services such as dryer installation, gas appliance installation, and kitchen appliance installation services.

Contact one of our specialists today to get a quote on your appliance replacement, installation or delivery.

Why Hire Appliance Wizards

For all of your appliance repairs, installations, and replacement needs Appliance Wizards is your go-to company. There are many reasons to choose Appliance Wizards for your Newmarket appliance servicing needs, but here are just a few to consider:

Affordable Prices ($80 $65 per Regular Service Calls and $100 After-Hours Service Calls.)
24/7 Emergency Services
Waived Service Call Fee when You Get a Repair
Trained and Trusted Appliance Technicians
Fast Response Times to Calls and Requests
Friendly service
3-Month Warranty on Our Service
Services offered for all models and brands of appliances
Appliance Installation and Delivery Under One Roof
Appliance Repair Company Appliance Wizards Newmarket

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Trust the experts to get the job done. From appliance installation to delivery, to repair and even replacements Appliance Wizards is Newmarket’s favourite appliance servicing company for a reason. Emergency services? No problem, we offer 24-hour emergency services. Contact one of our specialists today by email or call us directly at 905-798-1151!