Noisy Fridge? Here’s 6 Steps to Fix It

Is your fridge making noise? It’s critical to spend some time looking into the cause of the noise since there might be a severe issue. Here’s how to troubleshoot your noisy refrigerator, according to the professionals at Appliance Wizards.

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Listen to The Source

Is the sound coming from the refrigerator’s rear, base, or even from the inside? The drain pan is possibly unsecured if your fridge is making noise from the bottom. A problem with the defrost timer, condenser fan, or compressor might cause loud noises from the rear side of the machine. If the fridge noise is coming from within, the evaporator fan, which distributes air through the freezer and fridge, is most likely to blame.

If the sound does not appear to be coming out from your refrigerator, it might be the heating and cooling system.

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Secure the Drain Pan

If the fridge making rattling noise at the bottom it is due to a loose drain pan. Simply reinstall the pan using the same hardware already there to restore serenity into your life.

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Listen and Look for A Faulty Defrost Timer

If you hear clicking or scraping sounds, it’s possible that the defrost timer is broken. Check for frost accumulation in the refrigerator and freezer sections, which indicates a timer failure (if the thermostat has been set correctly). Another clue that the defrost timer needs to be replaced is this tip- Is it only once or twice a day, for approximately an hour, that the refrigerator is making a loud noise?

Request that a refrigerator repair specialist like us at Appliance Wizards to look into this further and resolve the problem.

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Clean and Inspect the Condenser Fan

Condenser fans aren’t found in every refrigerator. If your fridge has one, it’s hidden behind an access panel on the rear (external). Examine the condenser fan, particularly the rubber grommets, for any signs of excessive wear while the fridge is disconnected. Clean the condenser motor fan with a gentle brush to remove any dirt or debris that may be blocking it.

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Check the Evaporator Fan

Simply turn on the light bulb in the freezer to determine if the evaporator fan is the source of the loud refrigerator noise and the fridge buzzing. If this fan is the source of the noise, it will get increasingly loud. Examine the fan to determine how badly it has been damaged.

The evaporator fan is positioned behind the same panel with bolts or latches that are keeping it in place at the rear end of the freezer area within the refrigerator. Rotate the fan blade with your hands while the fridge is disconnected to see if it’s running properly. Check for evidence of excessive wear on cables, plugs, and other elements. If the fan blade isn’t moving freely or there are other symptoms of the damage, the fan and associated parts may need to be replaced.

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See if It’s Refrigerator Compressor Noise

The fridge compressor noise is a typical complaint, but verify this is the source of a noisy refrigerator. Start with disconnecting the condenser fan’s motor and then connecting your fridge back in to check if the noise persists. If it does, the compressor might be the source of the problem. Call us to help you repair this.

Get a Professional for Further Assistance

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If you can’t figure out what’s causing the commotion, contact us at Appliance Wizards or make an appointment online now. We’ll send an expert specialist to inspect your refrigerator to resolve all your noisy fridge problems.