Why my Dishwasher is Not Filling with Water

You rely on your dishwasher to keep your dishes sparkling clean. So when your dishwasher is not filling with water, you want to get this problem solved fast. There can be many reasons for this frustrating malfunction that can leave you asking, “Why is no water going into my dishwasher?”. Let’s look at what causes no water in the dishwasher and how you can keep your unit working efficiently.


Water Supply Problems – Check to ensure that the hoses connected to your machine do not have any cracks or holes in them. Check the seal around the hose to make sure there are no leaks which may be preventing the water from reaching your machine.


Faulty Water Inlet Valve – If you are not seeing any problems with the hose then move onto the inlet valve. This is where the water supply connects to the tub. It is activated by a time and float switch. If these are malfunctioning then your machine will not fill with water at the right time. There are two hoses leading into and out of the inlet valve. Your dishwasher technician will be able to evaluate the level of pressure and ensure it is working correctly.


Jammed Float/Float Switch – If your machine is still not filling then it is time to check the float switch. This tells the machine that it is time to fill with water at the right times. It is found below the float assembly in the dishwasher tub. This kind of repair will require a dishwasher technician to ensure it is fixed and working properly.

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Malfunctioning Door Switch – Your machine has several checks in place to prevent leaks and ensure your machine is operating the way it should. One of these is a door switch which stops the dishwasher from running if the door is open. If this switch is not working, then your machine may think the door is open when you have closed it. This will prevent it from operating and filling with water. A multimeter will be able to tell if the door switch is operating and getting power. Unscrew the panel of the door after unplugging the unit. You should be able to see the latch assembly. Use the multimeter to test to see if the latch activiates. If it doesn’t it’s time to call a professional. 

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The Dishwasher Is Leaking – If the dishwasher is leaking around the door then it could be a loose gasket. If it is leaking from the bottom, then it is likely an inlet valve or cracked hose preventing water from entering the machine. If you have a portable dishwasher and you notice water leaking down the hose, it could be due to a poor connection or need to add some plumbers tape to seal the connection.

Spray System Blockage – Your dishwasher has to deal with a lot of dirt and grime and this can cause the spray arms to become clogged. Remove the arms and run them under hot water using a gentle cleaner. This should unclog the arms. A piece of wire can help loosen any dirt in the spray holes.

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