Gas Stove Installation

If your gas stove has been giving you troubles despite multiple repairs, it’s a sign that you need to install a new one. Installing appliances that require a flow of gas can be a very tricky task. It is always advised to invest in a professional. Proper gas stove installation is crucial to ensure that there are no dangerous gas leaks. It requires the right tools and the right know-how.

At Appliance Wizards, we have had years of experience in installing gas stoves effectively and securely. Our professionals follow a step-by-step gas stove installation process to ensure that there are no leaks and the stove works effectively.

Before you decide to do the task yourself, check the local codes thoroughly. Given the hazards involved in improper installation of gas appliances, most local codes do not allow homeowner installation. They require that the task must be done by a licensed professional.

Here is the step-by-step guide laid out by our professionals to keep you informed on the complete gas cooktop installation process.

Step 1: We Do a Tool Check

photo of tool box

For proper installation of your gas stove, we need the right knowledge on how to install a gas stove and also the right tools for installing it. This task needs more than just nuts, bolts and screwdrivers. We do a proper tool check and ensure that we have the following are the important materials:

  • A gas connector
  • Wrench
  • Yellow Teflon tape
  • Gas leak detector spray

Step 2: Making Sure We Have the Right Gas Stove Connector

photo of gas connection - gas appliances technician

Understanding the importance of safety is of utmost importance. Before taking on the gas stove hook up, we ensure that the gas stove connector is brand new. Using the connector from your old stove means compromising on safety. There are certain guidelines we tick on before using the connector. These are:

  • It should be clearly marked for a “range
  • It should have all the end connector fittings you need. The gas line is half a inch long. In case you don’t find a connector with the right end fittings, you can use a black gas pipe.
  • The connector should be long as per requirements. This will allow you to have a buffer if needed between the stove and the wall against which you will put your stove.

Step 3: Pull out the range

gas stove repair by appliance wizards

This is the first actual step of the gas stove installation process is to pull out the gas range and shut off the gas cock. This happens when the lever is at the right angle to the pipe. The knob should be behind the stove or in the basement below. If you don’t have the shut-off, you must invest in one.

Step 4: Fixing the pipe threads

photo of tape and knife

The next step is to wrap yellow Teflon tape twice around the threads. We ensure that it is done clockwise. The size of coupling should be The ½ x ¾ inches. The coupling has the end connector fitting of ¾ inches. This is because it is hard to find connectors of ½ inches.

Step 5: Attach the connector to the gas line

photo of gas stove installation

Before going on to deciding how to connect a gas stove, we always ensure that both end fittings are used in this process. As a process, we never screw the connector nuts to the gas pipe or gas fitting as it causes a leak. It is important to also ensure that the connector is not plunged into sharp blends.

Step 6: Connect the street elbow.

photo of gas valve

The street elbow should be ½ x ½ inches in size and should be connected to the range gas port. Wrapping Teflon tape around this connection helps keep it sturdy.

Step 7: Ensure everything is fitted correctly

classic kitchen with appliances - appliance repair toronto

The connector nuts need to be tightly connected to end connector fittings. The tube should be held straight against the fitting. We do not use Teflon tapes in this part as it harms the seal.

Step 8: Ensure there are no leaks

amazing kitchen with huge double gas stove - stove installation service

We work keeping in mind the safety and convenience of our customers. That is why we check for leaks multiple times throughout the process of gas cooktop installation. To check, we turn on the gas cock vertically and light the range burner. We spray the gas leak detector on every joint. In case there are bubbles, we know that there is a leak.

Step 9: Make sure your stove is sturdy

gas stove burners -  stove repair service toronto

Once we have checked for the leaks, we will make sure that the stove is placed sturdily. It is important to ensure that all things should be on the same level.

You can trust us with gas stove installation and the installation of all your appliances. We believe working appliances means happy homes!

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