Gas Dryer Installation

There is no doubt about the fact that laundry day is not laundry day without a fully-functional dryer. If your old dryer has been giving you a tough time, chances are that it’s time for you to invest in a new one. At Appliance Wizards, we know how tedious gas dryer installation can be and doing it yourself can be a never-ending task. But with years of expertise and sound tool-kit, we know how to finish this task instantly. We are committed to efficiency and transparency and that is why we are here to offer a detailed guide on the way we do it.

Step 1: We ensure that your dryer and house are compatible

photo of gas line

Before the actual gas dryer hook up, we ensure that wiring and vents of your house are compatible with the dryer. This is done by:

  • Checking the voltage on the dryer
  • Checking whether the exhaust vent is compatible
  • Checking for gas line in the laundry room

Step 2: We connect the gas supply

Actually connecting the gas supply is a long process and requires a lot of steps within itself. There are precisely 7 steps that we follow:

gas dryer on top of washer - appliance repair companies toronto
  • We turn the breakers off at the main breaker panel and then turn off the gas valve from the main shut-off valve.
  • Prior to connecting the piping to the gas pipe in your wall, we coat all threaded connecting pieces with a pipe thread compound to create a good seal that avoids gas leaks.
  • We then attach the flexible connector to the gas pipe on the dryer. We use stainless steel fittings so the connection is sturdy and durable. The flexible connector is sometimes included in your dryer. If not, we suggest buying a new one. Using an old connector could be hazardous as there may be compatibility issues causing gas leaks.
  • We then connect the dryer to the wall pipe. We take a minute to ensure that the gas pipe has a threaded valve component attached. The pipe connector must be attached to attaching the valve component. In case of an older gas fixture, we recommend replacing the old valve with a modern ball valve designed for use with gas. We do this by shutting off the gas at the main valve first. This also requires an adapter for attaching the connection pipe to the valve.
photo of gas line valve
  • We ensure that all connections are fitted properly. It is important to ensure that the connections are not over-tightened as this will hamper the flow of gas.
  • We use the gas leak spray to check if there are any gas leaks from the connection. In case of gas leaks, it important to tighten the walls thoroughly. We recommend investing in a gas leak detector to be extra secure.
  • We turn the gas valve off till the installation is complete.

Step 3: We connect the gas vent

Attaching the gas vent is a three-step process:

photo of out door gas vent
  • We attach the vent hose with rigid or semi-rigid venting depending on the space available. If your dryer vents are at a floor level, we recommend rigid venting. For hosing, we prefer metal hoses instead of plastic or vinyl to ensure safety in case of fire.
  • We secure then secure the vent with a hose clamp. We prefer using hose clamps instead of duct tape or foil tape as they are sturdier and do not wear out.
  • We check for blockages in the outside vent and clean it out thoroughly. Any build-up may hamper the functioning of your dryer or cause disruptions in the flow.

Step 4: We complete the installation

These are the finishing steps to ensure that your dryer is in working condition:

photo of washer with towels in it - whirlpool washer repair
  • We check the dryer by plugging in the power cord. Most dryers come with a power cord. Just in case you don’t have one, we use one from a hardware store. It is important to ensure that the power cord is suitable for your dryer. We would also require a strain relief to ensure that the chord is strong. We will secure the power chord and strain relief by tightening the screws.
  • We will then move the dryer to its exact position. We recommend keeping the washer and the dryer together. It is important that the dryer is inches away from the wall and not in a room that is overly cold.
  • We then level the dryer. This important so as to ensure that the dryer is not wobbling when on.
  • We turn the gas back on and run a test.

Our professionals ensure that your dryer is installed properly and ensure that there is no scope of a gas leak. Hire us for quick and efficient installation and repair of your appliances.

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